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Plastic surgery is the medical specialty that aims to correct and improve abnormalities of congenital, acquired, tumor, or involuntary origin that require repair or replacement of body shape and function, as well as improving the appearance of certain parts of the body. The body through surgical procedures.

Aesthetic surgery, together with Reconstructive Surgery, is an integral part of Plastic Surgery, these being the two main branches of this surgical specialty. It is important to point out that the base of Cosmetic Surgery is Reconstructive Surgery since thanks to this; the flaps and tissues are managed appropriately and can thus be put into practice in Cosmetic Surgery.

The difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive and restorative surgery is sometimes imperceptible, since, as already mentioned, many cosmetic surgery procedures come to resolve a pathology that affects a function. And in addition, all cosmetic surgery procedures are based on others for reconstructive purposes that were developed during the wars; in fact, we could say that cosmetic surgery is another case of techniques developed during wars applied to the civilian world.

Cosmetic surgery has the objective of correcting and/or modifying bodily and/or facial disproportions in order to bring them closer to the parameters of sociocultural beauty. Attention should be paid to patients who present a mental disorder due to a distorted image of their own body (body dysmorphic disorder) and to treat them therapeutically with a multidisciplinary team.

This aspect of plastic surgery has a much wider field of action, but it is divided into Body Aesthetic Surgery and Facial Aesthetic Surgery.