Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Here are some cosmetic surgery procedures:

  • Abdominoplasty: remodeling and firming of the abdomen.
  • Blepharoplasty: eyelid rejuvenation surgery, skin resection, and fat pockets.
  • Circular dermolipectomy or “body lifting”: remodeling of the trunk contour.
  • Gynecomastia: breast reduction in men.
  • Breast implants or augmentation mammoplasty: surgery in which the size and shape of the breasts are increased by means of prostheses or implants (saline or silicone gel).
  • Reductive mammoplasty.
  • Peeling: the procedure by which physical or mechanical means (mechanical peeling or dermabrasion) or chemical means (chemical peeling) is applied with the aim of removing or wearing down at different depths the layers of the skin (superficial, medium and/or deep peeling). The objective is to cause a controlled renewal of the skin with restorative or aesthetic objectives. Depending on the depth, it can be used to improve the appearance of scars such as acne sequelae, blemishes, etc. Dermabrasion, laser therapy that seeks rejuvenation through controlled burns of the skin.
  • Mastopexy: its purpose is to reposition the breasts in their original place.
  • Rhinoplasty: aims to aesthetically improve the nose.
  • Otoplasty: correction of congenital or acquired defects of the ears.
  • Cheiloplasty: correction of congenital or acquired defects of the lips.
  • Rhytidectomy (facelift): Your goal is to rejuvenate the face entirely by repositioning facial tissues.
  • Liposculpture or Liposuction: the goal is to remove adiposities located in different parts of the body or face; in order to improve the shape of the patient’s body.
  • Malar implant: surgery that aims to correct malar hypoplasia by placing a specially designed silicone implant.
  • Gonial angle implant: surgery that aims to give definition and / or volume to the mandibular angle.
  • Mentoplasty: chin augmentation or reduction surgery to correct alterations in the projection of the lower third of the face.
  • Injection of fillers such as hyaluronic acid is used in order to increase the volume of certain facial areas or to correct defects or sequelae of accidents or birth defects.
  • Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation.

Currently, the doctor trained and accredited to perform cosmetic surgery procedures, this being a branch of Plastic Surgery, is the plastic surgeon. It involves different training in several countries, which varies from a minimum training of 2 years in General Surgery and 3 or 4 years in Plastic Surgery; in other countries, 1 year of General Surgery and 5 years of Plastic Surgery.

Our plastic surgeons in Monterrey and our plastic surgeons in San Luis Potosí perform cosmetic and restorative or reconstructive surgeries indiscriminately, and with their task, they manage to improve the patient’s quality of life.